Coffee time

So I am currently seating in one of my favourite coffee places listening to Christmas songs… Hey what?  Christmas songs in November?  England had always celebrated the holiday much earlier but it seems to me each year it’s being pushed earlier and earlier.  Some people love it others hate it.  Me?  I’m not sure.  Don’t get me wrong I love this festive season and Christmas is most definitely my favourite holiday of the year.  But normally I start my celebrations on the first of December together with starting my December Daily.  What is DD you may ask?  Well let me explain…  As the name suggests it’s something you make daily throughout the month of December.  It’s a way to document the start of this festive season. So each day you make a page in your book,  journal,  binder or smash book.  You add photos,  journaling or even magazine cutouts to show you day in the month.  I did one last year in my smash book and I loved it… But the title said about coffee not craft.  Well I’m obsessed with chai latte. I really should have learnt to make it myself as all those amazing smell spices from Indian tea mixed with steamed milk is just so delicious.  Especially as the autumn is in full blast outside.  Well I’m off on last vacation to Egypt in 3 days where I am going scuba dive on coral reef,  do some sightseeing and just be a beach bum.  Just so my type of holidays…


Mothering Mallorca

Not really sure what made me think: hey let’s take my mum and her partner and go on holidays together. It will fun fun, right? Umm NO! Maybe when it was not a week from nightmares it was not the best holidays ever. I mean it who would have thought after first day I already will be annoyed… but let’s start from the beginning.


So as previously stated at first I thought it was a great idea. We all planned this in advance and had chosen the destination and the hotel. Well let’s just say that I had made all the research and they only confirmed this hotel was perfect. It seems  like they were just ready to go on the trip but did not feel it was necessary to do something towards it. Oh well just had to let it go. So let’s just miss rest of the troubles with the flights and car rental. At the end we arrived at the hotel and had been allocated room side by side. I guess you can imagine my delight when I had seen her on the next balcony… Do not get me wrong I do love my mother but there are times when all you want to do is having relaxing time and not your own mother waving from her balcony towards you while you sun bathe by the pool. At first I tried hard to ignore it but her shouts were unable to be ignored so at the end I gave up and showed her I have noticed her. As it transpired all this embarrassing attention was caused by a lunch time hour coming to an end at the hotel and the need to go and eat… despite us eating really late breakfast not long ago. So with a slow pace we made our way back to the hotel and met the ‘parents’ at the restaurant. It seems to me during your first all inclusive holiday abroad you can not miss any single meal… I mean it’s there and it’s free isn’t it? So why not eat as much as you like…. Every single morning we had to have the same routine and to be painfully truthful with you it sounded to me like I was back at home.The only difference from home was the view outside my window. Outside the window of my childhood home I  saw an old playground and squeaky noisy swings surrounded by patches of dried out and walked through yellow grass. And now… beautiful blue sea with a white and red sea lantern.


View from my hotel balcony.

But I guess sometimes you need to do things and just go with the flow… 

There were times when we all had a really good time and enjoyed each others company. I think we all were trying not to step on each others toes so to speak and called it often a truce. 


Mallorca especially Port Colom is a beautiful place. It’s a small fishing village with a little marina and everywhere you go DSC_0994you can just walk through the town. There even was a small market on one of the day with variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, some clothes and little souvenirs and plenty of leather produce… my love for shopping really really was put to the test but at the end decided to wait until we go to Inka town which is famous for being the biggest market on the Islands. 


Meanwhile, we enjoyed delicious food and sun bathing by the pool and by the beach. The closes sandy beach was Cala Marsal and it was about 15 minute walk. Sandy beach and green-blue waters were so inviting and we had spent the whole day right there…  mind you there was no free food and drink and you had to pa for renting the sun lounges so the ‘ parents’ had opted out. P1010786aDSC_0363



We had visited new places and had seen beautiful scenery. Caves of the dragon were amazing and a boat trip was an adventure with really high tides which meant had to be cut short. The highlight of the whole visit would be sea sun and sand… but also having an eagle sit on your arm, seeing a beautiful yacht ‘parked’ nearby and a visit to picturesque village called Valldemossa. 

DSC_0013 DSC_0006  DSC_0323 DSC_0691 DSC_0582 DSC_0478


Another place worth mentioning would be Palma- the capital city of Mallorca… It was stunning and the view from the mountain is called Sant Salvador and it is a host for a monastery at it’s peak. 


So maybe it was not a dream holiday… but I am not going to cry about it. We had some good and bad memories and I guess next time I will not be taking my mum and her partner on holidays with us… 

The Shopaholic inside me…

So it’s 11 more days before I’m due to jet off to far away destination… well maybe that statement is a little bit of exaggeration! Majorca also known as Mallorca is only 2 hours away according to a flight schedule so let’s just agree it’s somewhere between far away and home town. Nevertheless my excitement is growing with each and every single day passing by and I am even crossing off the days in my calendar. I have been in few places already when travelled to Wem, Shropshire in February but since last summer I longed for that feeling when you step off the plane and gaze into the unknown view… I love mountains, lakes and other wonders of the world but there’s nothing better than seeing blue skies, golden beach and hear the waves crushing on the shore. This is my holiday heaven. I already prepared my travel journal and gave some thoughts to my outfits. Unfortunately upon opening the storage box with my summer clothes I realised I really have nothing to wear. I mean the old GAP tees had worn off, the dresses were out of fashion and the trousers … well let’s just say the trousers shrank in the wash. So I had to make a trip to a store or two… well OK maybe more than that and update my summer wardrobe. So I got myself some little new tops, skirts and trousers of course. Happily I lay down my new clothes just to realise my accessories did not match! It was a disaster!!!!! Not to raise my other half’s suspicions I waited until next weekend to complete my look for this summer. Of course accessories are not just the rings, bracelets or new nail polish colour. I just had to buy a new handbag and some lovely new wedges. Some new flip flops for a stroll to the pool and comfy ballerina shoes for those trips on the island were also a must together with new beach towels and sunglasses. I am not selfish so I thought about my lovely Husband too and obtain some new t-shirts, chinos and flip flops for his wardrobe. I also made few suggestions about his old sunglasses mentioning they did not much his new hair cut so being a good wife I allowed him to purchase a new pair. He seemed quite happy with himself.

So I am all ready just counting down the days until my take off. But there is one more thing to do… sneak my new wardrobe to the house and pack it into the suitcase…

Eye reshaping lenses for shortsightedness….

So looking through Groupon I came across a deal for Wake and see shells… Having worn glasses for most part of my life I could not believe it and decided to purchase the deal. I have never heard about these so called shells and was very keen to try them out. The only obstacle was the border line of my prescription as the lowest shortsightedness was -5 dioptre and the fact that  my eyes getting weaker each year. But I decided to go for it!

Today I had my first appointment and it all seem to be fine. I am so excited. My eyes are healthy only suffering a dry eye condition so was advice to buy eye bag to treat the lack of moisture in my eyes. After many tests I was told my shells should be ready in around 1 weeks time as they need to be especially made to match my eye balls. Unfortunately I can not start the wear them before Easter break due to lack of available time  to continue to see the optician on regular basis to control the efficiency of the shells. 

The lenses are not cheap with £35 a month charge but I am willing to give up buying myself a handbag or new pair of shoes to get a little bit of freedom from my glasses.

Here are some explanation about the ‘wake and see’ shells from their website:

‘…Through recent advances in computer imaging and modelling techniques we are able to design and manufacture ‘shells’ similar in form to contact lenses that temporarily mould the surface of the cornea of the eye.

These light-weight shells are worn by the eyes at night during sleep. For a few hours they sit invisibly over the eye creating a micro-thin imprint on the surface of the eye to form a lens. This imprint is similar to that which a watch-strap makes on your wrist after a few hours, only one that is infinitely more useful to you!… 

The shells are removed in the morning upon waking up. You are free to enjoy your day with full vision correction and without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses.

The effects last for approximately 18 hours. At the end of the day, the eye begins to return to its previous state, leaving no side effects.

Vision correction is maintained simply by wearing the shells every night whilst you sleep… ‘

Their web page :

I am so happy and hope that my cornea especially in my right eye will be able to handle the shells 😀

Birthday retreat

For my Birthday my Husband decided to treat me to 2 nights break in Wem a little village in Shropshire. The hotel called ‘The Old Rectory’ was a stunning hotel and due to cheap upgrade we ended up in in amazing suite with four poster bed… The suite had a separate toilet room and bathroom . In the room there was also a little sofa to seat on during the day.

First evening went uneventful maybe besides finding a lovely pub around the corner which had amazing food. They served the most amazing chips and we loved it very much. I try not to eat too much unhealthy food but at times everyone deserves a little treat. Especially as it was my Birthday.

The 3 hour drive to Wem mad us quite tired so we went to bed and watched Mr Heston Blumenthal share his cooking recipes. I would never look at cheese the same way again.

Next day we went for English breakfast and after returning back to our suite we took relaxing bath with jet streams 😀 This was the reason we had not put any bubbles in the bath as after jet stream the whole bathroom would be full of them.

So when we were ready we left on little adventure. We made our way to Whittington Castle situated in Oswestry.  It seems the castle was started about  3000 years ago but has been rebuilt several times in the past. Also the ownership of the buildings had changed quite freguently and currently the castle or what has left of it is own and run by local community. On its grounds is a little a tea room and bookstore with small souvenirs.

After a little coffee break we decided to be a little bit braver and made our way to North Wales. We just pointed at some point on satellite navigation system and away we went. Having suffered a little collision with falcon who stopped for a little snack lying around on the road we reached our destination. We had a view on beautiful snowy hills and mountains! After few quick snapshots we made our way down to the village. And do not ask me to remember the name as I find it almost impossible to comprehend Welsh language.

So after quick snack on sandwich and pack of French Fries crisps we found a sign post for waterfall. Deciding it was our last place to see today we took my mini up and down the narrow Waterfall Road. After about 10-15 minutes of driving we saw this amazing waterfall.

The view was simply breathtaking. With all the icicles hanging down around the waterfall the picture sank deep into our hearts. After many many pictures we retreated to the comforting  warmth  of our car and googled up the magnificent place. It appears that we reached Berwyn Mountains and the waterfall Pistyll Rhaeadr was the biggest single drop waterfall in United Kingdom. It reached 240 feet which is 80 meters. Th B&B by the waterfall is called Tan-Y-Pistyll which translates to Little House under the Waterfall.

The rest of the journey was very peaceful and the next day we made our trip back home promising ourselves to return to this amazing little place on the near future.


So New Year has arrived… New resolutions, new ideas. But what also comes with it are new problems and worries. That is what New Year brings – new hopes and fears! But isn’t it  the way of life? Something old comes to an end to give the space for something new. The other things that worry me most is with every passing year we are all getting older. The change of the number in the date reminds us that with every ticking minute we are maturing. I hope that with age is like with good shoes. The older they get the more comfortable they are to the wearer.


So this year we decided to say our goodbyes to old 2011 with style and booked a table with at the Holiday Inn hotel. After mad shopping to find that perfect dress and Jacob checking his festive indigo blue suit we only waited for the day to arrive.

And it had quite quickly. We started getting ready but as always did not have enough time besides the cab driver was unable to find our house. His constant phone calls regarding the directions made me quite angry… But who can blame me? I mean I was trying to do my make up and hair and my phone was ringing every few minutes. At the end I had to walk to main road in my black heels afraid that I will loose my balance and the evening will finish before it had really started.

At last we reached our destination just to find out it actually was not the hotel we were supposed to come. So had to book another cab to get to where we  were supposed to be.


After some champagne and little sandwiches we made our way to the table. The buffet was magnificent and I had never eaten so much! I even found my Polish sour herring! After the feast we went to the dance floor and welcomed a new 2012 with glasses of wine in hand! Afterwards there was just a quick ride back home and bed. Thankfully the next day was Sunday so the late get up from bed did not bother any of us…

About not being smart and dominance.. well not really

So it has been quite a while since I last posted anything in here… shame on me I guess. My excuse? I could probably give you a dozen ones but are they all true? I could say that work was so busy but that would be a big fat lie. I could say I was not feeling well but besides headaches I feel perfectly fine.  Also studies could not be an excuse as I have not even enrolled on any of the evening courses in nearby college. I think the real excuse could be a bit of everything above or just simple laziness. I guess I could not bring myself to open up the laptop and type few mature and intelligent words. If I was sitting on a chair surely I would have fallen down after reading the last sentence. Me and mature and intelligent words… LOL!!! I mean it is not like I am going to polemic about the true reason of human existence and human rights or talk about the achievements of great minds of science. Let’s face it I am no Stephen Hawking. I most probably could blog about buying shoes, handbags and maybe resuming horse riding. And even the last one would lack smart words like equestrianism or sitting or posting trot. I mean I do know the terms but should I really bother to bore other people with trying to be smart? I like reading and writing things in easy and light way. Too many smart words make my brain cells to overheat and I feel more confused that  when I start the task. To be perfectly honest smart books take twice the time to read due to the need to referring to various dictionaries or simply Wikipedia web page. And why would I want to read about world war II or  life and death of Gandhi. I mean I am sure both books portray a unique subject and must be inspiring but after 40 hours a week spent with young people and their many problems I just want a quick and easy read. A pillowcase book to read just before falling asleep. I probably limit the  development of grey matter of my brain… but well I will leave that to many of my other brainy friends who make me feel like a women of certain light coloured hair jokes. But what’s wrong with being blonde? And in no disrespect I do not intend to insult any woman as I do not feel the above statement is true. It just feels so much easier when trying to understand some complicated mathematical equation or trying to understand for the hundred time how camera shutter works and what is aperture and how to bite it all together. Simple  ‘I am a woman and dyed blonde so forgive my ignorance’ does the trick for me and people usually leave me alone. Ask me to buy you some smart and comfy trousers with few directions towards your style and I will feel at home. Ask me about scrap-booking or Star Wars and surely I can answer most of your question but can we please leave the physics and other so damn complicated things alone?

So as I mentioned earlier I resumed my passion of horse riding. Maybe resumed is a tad strong word.  Few randomly scattered lessons over the past 15 years could not really be called horse riding. Nevertheless last week on Wednesday I braced myself for a possibility of less that graceful and quite painful fall from the horse back. To my own surprise my fears did not come true and it was not as bad as I imagined it to be.  There is a lot to improve with my trotting not even mentioning about the dream of jumping but hopefully this passion will continue and will not meet the fate of gym failure. People say if you enjoy the sport you will not lose the motivation. So my second lesson is tomorrow and I am still so excited. At first I thought that a rider must be dominant and show the animal who is the boss but with time I learnt that riding is like marriage, well maybe without long and heated arguments about the dirty dishes in the sink and the amount of time spent on X Box. It is all about being able to communicate and cooperate together. I guess at times there is a need of gently nudge but it seems horses respond better to calm and confident riders which unfortunately is not me.  Not yet anyway. But it felt so good to be in a saddle. It is a different story what happened with all the muscles afterwards. I felt like walking cowboy style with my legs spread widely apart. And that was for the next couple of days. Thankfully I am a confident woman and put all my effort to misguide everyone in regards to my condition.  Until next time…

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