Coffee time

So I am currently seating in one of my favourite coffee places listening to Christmas songs… Hey what?  Christmas songs in November?  England had always celebrated the holiday much earlier but it seems to me each year it’s being pushed earlier and earlier.  Some people love it others hate it.  Me?  I’m not sure.  Don’t get me wrong I love this festive season and Christmas is most definitely my favourite holiday of the year.  But normally I start my celebrations on the first of December together with starting my December Daily.  What is DD you may ask?  Well let me explain…  As the name suggests it’s something you make daily throughout the month of December.  It’s a way to document the start of this festive season. So each day you make a page in your book,  journal,  binder or smash book.  You add photos,  journaling or even magazine cutouts to show you day in the month.  I did one last year in my smash book and I loved it… But the title said about coffee not craft.  Well I’m obsessed with chai latte. I really should have learnt to make it myself as all those amazing smell spices from Indian tea mixed with steamed milk is just so delicious.  Especially as the autumn is in full blast outside.  Well I’m off on last vacation to Egypt in 3 days where I am going scuba dive on coral reef,  do some sightseeing and just be a beach bum.  Just so my type of holidays…


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